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RealNetworks, Inc. (Nasdaq: RNWK) is a leader in personal digital media solutions that make it easier for people to access, share and enjoy video, audio and digital entertainment on virtually any device and platform. 

We provide products and services, directly to consumers and in partnership with well-established businesses and mobile operators worldwide, through our three business units:

  • Consumer Media -  comprising our PC-based RealPlayer® products, including RealPlayer Plus and related products and intellectual property licensing, which enable consumers to take, save, play and share videos and photos from just about any device, anywhere in the world.
  • Mobile Services -  including our SaaS services, our LISTEN® product, and our Mobile RealTimes® product that is primarily sold through mobile carriers, allowing carriers and other partners to bring photo- and video-sharing, custom ringback tones, and other services to consumers and subscribers. 
  • Games   ̶  comprising all of our games-related businesses, including sales of games licenses, online subscription services, advertising on games sites and social network sites, microtransactions from online and mobile games, and sales of mobile games.

Our unique capabilities in personal digital media reaches back over15 years, when RealNetworks launched the first audio streaming solution for the Internet, RealAudio®.  Our continued innovation led to RealVideo® and RealPlayer®, which has now been downloaded more than 100 million times at a continued rate of millions of downloads per week.

Today, RealNetworks continues to leverage its experience to provide new ways of delivering high-quality, personalized digital video, music and other entertainment.  Our strategy involves continuing innovation and developing new product lines to be ever more mobile, flexible and fun  ̶  across all the popular devices used in peoples’ digital lives.    

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